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Applying Stickers/Decals

Spa Dubs Decal

Please take some time to read the following advice to get the best results.

Please note that once the vinyl has been stuck down it can not be re-positioned so take care that you have lined it up!

1) Wipe away any dust or oil from the location where the material is to be applied. Rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner can be used. Horizontal and vertically placed masking tape is useful as a guide to positioning the sticker. Alternatively a china graph pen or makeup pencil and ruler can be used on the opposite side of glass for window stickers.

2) Peel the paper backing away from the application tape making sure all the sticker has been transferred to the tape. Be careful if it is windy not to allow it to touch anything as once stuck can be hard to remove!

3) Place an entire edge of application tape against the object surface then press down evenly on the tape so the first centimeter is evenly adhered along its length, now slowly roll the sticker on smoothing it as it makes contact with the surface. Once on smooth the sticker application tape from the center outwards. Finally peel the application tape away keeping it as close to the sticker as possible as you do so. The backing paper can be used to smooththe sticker afterwards if required.

Applying large stickers including racing decals

Using a plant spray (or sponge) apply a mist of water mixed with a couple of drops of detergent (to break the water tension) onto the surface prior to sticking. This can be very handy if sticking large areas as it allows repositioning of the sticker and prevents air bubbles. Remove the paper backing and slowly roll the sticker and application tape onto the surface smoothing out as you go. Once on the water can then be squeegeed out with a bank card from the centre outwards andthe area dried with paper towels. Finally carefully remove the backing keeping it just above the surface of the decal as you roll it off.

Devon campervan decal Tips

When transferring the material to the object, air may get between the material and the transfer surface, forming air bubbles. If this happens, use a needle or scalpel to puncture the bubbles, then press out the trapped air.

Strips of masking tape and a pen are useful for aligning large stickers.