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Design Your Own Sticker!

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Size 340mm

Options: Helpselect 'Reversed' for applying to the inside of windows


£4.00 ea

Design your own vinyl car decal!

For Bumpers... This is the default - the sticker will be cut as bumper sticker for outside application.

For Windows... Choose the 'Reversed' option below if you intend applying the sticker to the inside of your window. We also recommend choosing white or pastel colours for maximum legibility against the vehicle interior which tend to be dark.

Size? The size will depend on the number of letters you choose. The maximum length is 340mm. For small messages the maximum height is 75mm, so whichever is greatest. Email us if you need more information or tell us on the checkout page order notes if you need specific sizes within our maximum limits.

NB We reserve the right not produce stickers we consider obscene, racist or libelous.